Clinical Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

Clinical pharmacists are important members of the multidisciplinary team within primary care networks (PCNs), which were established across England in July 2019.


Clinical Pharmacists take responsibility for the care management of patients with chronic diseases and undertake clinical medication reviews to proactively manage people with complex polypharmacy, especially the elderly, people in care homes, those with multiple co-morbidities (in particular frailty, COPD and asthma) and people with learning disabilities.


In practice pharmacy services include:

• Medication review clinics

• Domiciliary medication reviews

• Care home medication reviews

• Long-term condition clinics

• Minor ailment clinics

• QOF support for prescribing safety


The Clinical Pharmacy team also work on quality improvement projects/Services such as the below:

• Monitoring and review of high-risk medicines

• Medicines elements of CQC

• Quality improvement in, for example: opioid or antibiotic prescribing


If you have a medication Query and have contacted the GP it may be a member of our Pharmacy Team who calls you to discuss.


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