Patient feedback - Social Precribers

26 April 2022

Our Social Prescribing Team provide a wonderful patient focussed service to the patients from all 4 practices in the Fareham & Portchester PCN. 

Since engaging with the Social Prescribing team:
87% people now know how to make changes to improve their situation
90% Believe their situation has got better
90% Now know how to find the help they need
and 96% people would use the service again.

Patient Feedback:
  • Helped increase my confidence and lessen Anxiety by helping me find my own way to do things with encouragement
  • Provided me with up-to-date information. Made me feel I had someone to consult with regarding a carer’s needs.
  • You Listed at least 6 areas of help I could explore with my Husband. Very Helpful. I was unaware of any of them before our phone conversation.
  • Gave me the confidence to ask for more help when I didn’t understand.
  • Got help within 24hrs for my mother after waiting 5 months for a Social Services assessment. I was extremely happy with the service
  • Thank you so much. It was lovely to talk to you and thank you for your insight and advice.
  • You phoned every week and listened to all my problems. Said I must look after myself. You are wonderful.
  • Supported me, listened and advised. Suggestions for mental health support were important.

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